Our Portfolio


Jakel Trading Sdn Bhd

Jakel Trading is the No. 1 textile company in Malaysia. With the goal of “ONE STATE. ONE BRANCH”, we have opened more than 20 branches throughout the country. We source our high quality and premium textile products from Europe and other parts of the world to fulfill the needs and desires of customers, and Jakel has successfully secured its leading status as the country’s centre of quality fabric selections for all walks of life.

Galeri Ariani

Launched in April 2008, Galeri Ariani is a one-stop center for all your Muslimah wear needs. Ariani has always been known for its tasteful head coverings which are fashion forward, yet maintain the image and ethos of Muslim compliance – thus, creating a perfect balance between style and function.

Galeri Hajra

Hajra was founded in 2009 with the goal of giving our ladies access to high quality products and hijabs. At Hajra, we are passionate to choose only the high quality material to make our exclusive scarves. With the slogan “A Crown For All Time”, we deliver comfortable, trendy and ready-to-wear hijabs to our customers.

Property Development

Jakel Development

Jakel Development is the property development arm of Jakel Group. We develop high-quality, innovative and sustainable real estate projects that meet the needs of our clients and communities at an affordable price point. With strategic landbanks within Klang Valley at its disposal, the company is on a mission to be the country’s preferred Property Developer and aspires to set a new benchmark in the Property Development industry.

Real Estate

Jakel Properties Sdn Bhd

Jakel Realty Sdn Bhd

Jakel Group started its foray in the real estate business in 2009 and has been acquiring strategic properties around Klang Valley and other parts of Malaysia. Jakel Group’s real estate assets consisted of shop lots, commercial and residential buildings that are being leased out as well as landbanks that are developed into profitable assets. We also provide real estate management services that include property inspections, facility maintenance, tenant placement and rent collection


Through strategic partnerships, we provide engineering services to clients in the field of construction, manufacturing and technology. We provide consulting services; advising clients on technical and engineering matters to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standard of quality and safety

Renewable Energy

Cypark Resources Berhad

JCSB now has a platform and a role to play to advance Malaysia’s climate and sustainability agenda in achieving environmental sustainability by 2030 after emerging as the largest shareholder in Cypark Resources Berhad. Cypark is the country’s leading renewable energy and green technology provider, providing energy in the form of electricity from renewable resources mainly from solar, biogas, municipal solid waste and organic waste.


With more than 8,000 acres of land in Rompin, Pahang, we are involved in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of two types of crops: oil palm and pineapple. Our extensive plantations produce high-quality crops that are carefully harvested to meet customers’ demand with constant focus on environmental sustainability and ethical practices.


We seek to play a part in the food security agenda of the country by venturing into the aquafarm business of tiger prawns. These are raised in a controlled aquafarm environment that is free from harmful pollutants and diseases. We take pride in our sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, which helps us to minimise our impact on the planet while producing high-quality and delicious seafood.

Procurement & Supplies

Peluang Kristal-Logo

Peluang Kristal (M) Sdn Bhd

Sri Pertiwi-Logo

Sri Pertiwi Textiles Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

We are a leading supplier of specialised products to various government agencies at the local, state and federal levels. Some of these specialised products ranging from corporate uniforms, tailored and high-functional textile products, safety accessories, and disposable products. These products are supplied to meet the unique needs of government agencies such as defense, law enforcement, emergency response and healthcare. We are reliable suppliers of specialised products with the best of quality at competitive prices. With our expert services, excellent product quality and exceptional customer service, we are well-positioned to continue meeting the unique needs of our clients for years to come.

Other Business

These investments that transcend industries will form a part of the strategy to create and enhance the overall value of Jakel Group.