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About Our Group

Jakel as a company was founded by Mohamed Jakel bin Ahmad on 24th January 1983 in Muar, Johor that started off as a textile wholesale supplier to small retailers around the town. Throughout the years, with a combination of business acumen and sound management, Jakel expanded its operations through retail trading as well as supplying textiles to private and government sectors.

Jakel takes pride in its long-standing reputation for excellence in serving the needs of its customers and has accumulated many industry awards that recognize its status as the industry leader in textile business. Jakel continues to make waves by diversifying into various industries to become one of the most dynamic Bumiputera companies in the country.

Since its humble beginnings in 1983, Jakel Group is today a family-owned business with diverse business interests across multiple industries and is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion in the years to come.

About The Firm

Jakel Capital Sdn Bhd is the family office of Jakel Group. JCSB performs direct investment in companies across diversified and balance portfolio sectors. Our focus is on companies serving fast-growing business segments with promising growth potential and untapped business opportunities. JCSB mainly operates in the Malaysian market through strategic relationships and synergistic partnerships established through extensive investment transactions made throughout the years.

JCSB’s approach to investment is conservative, with long-term goals, sustainable businesses, and superior returns. We constantly monitor futuristic trends in the diverse business fields in which it operates to generate a positive impact on the whole operation and its development.

Leadership Team

Datuk Seri Mohamed Faroz bin Mohamed Jakel


Datuk Mohamed Nizam bin Mohamed Jakel


Mohamed Izani bin Mohamed Jakel


Luqman bin Mohamed Jakel


Muhammad Ashraf bin Muhammad Amir

Chief Executive Officer

Our Business

Private Equity
Strategic Investments
Real Estate
Tactical Opportunities
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Our Value Offerings

Investing for Growth

Led by a family office that champions people empowerment, JCSB seeks to optimise the entrepreneurial potential in disadvantaged environments faced by investee companies by providing access to the capital requirements and corporate networks needed for business development and survival.

Sustainable Investments

JCSB is passionate about delivering a positive transformation in the environmental, social and governance arenas as part of our company vision. The firm seeks to build sustainable businesses by leveraging its own professional acumen for the benefit of all individuals, businesses and communities where it is engaged.

Disciplined Approach

JCSB’s investment decisions are well guided by its investment criteria and target focus. We are also steadfast in ensuring unethical businesses that brings adverse effects to the local communities to remain firmly on our negative investment list. With this consistent approach, we are committed to bringing superior returns via responsible investments.

Sustainable Partnership

JCSB takes pride in building lasting relationships and partnerships with the investee companies by providing constant support to the existing management teams on the business operations. We are committed in our approach to optimizing the business and financial structures of the companies for long-term business growth.

Our Investment Focus

Smart Manufacturing
Food Security
Green & Sustainable